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Infection levels in England are about four times higher than the government's worst-case winter

Days before the presidential election, dozens of states are experiencing serious Covid-19 surges.

Christmas? Spring? A return to life as we knew it could be quite a long way off.

Renters and the self employed could be among those facing tough times this winter, charities warn.

Twenty-two die in Turkey's Izmir province and on Greece's Samos island, with a mini-tsunam

The UK government wants a meeting to find a "common" approach, the Welsh first minister sa

Food bank organisers and users hit out at claims free school meal vouchers are used for drugs.

The Democratic and Republican rivals make ambitious forays into politically challenging territory.

Jonathan Mattingly was injured in the raid in Kentucky in which police shot dead the black woman.

England "hope to bring smiles to a lot of people" by winning the Six Nations on Saturday,

Police say the raided cafe was hit with the fine for another breach earlier this month.

Several of Saturday's papers lead with reports that nationwide restrictions will be introduced.

The racism and abuse suffered by thousands of children born to African-American fathers and white Ge

The brothers ran high-energy dance classes from their living room in Harrow every day during lockdow

Could this zombie-inspired experience be for people who want to be frightened but be Covid-19 safe?

Drag stars Boulet Brothers chat about dressing up at Halloween and their popular reality show Dragul

Clive Myrie has visited the Navajo Nation in Arizona where the death rate is the highest in the US.

As West Yorkshire heads for tier three, the BBC talks to business owners across the county.

Positions gets a lukewarm reception from critics, who say it does not break any new ground.

In an ex-mining community hardship is nothing new, but a two-week lockdown presents new challenges.

Clive Myrie has visited the Navajo Nation in Arizona where the death rate is the highest in the US.

The 7.0 magnitude earthquake in the Aegean Sea has destroyed buildings and caused flooding in Izmir

Every 30 seconds, a Latino in the US turns 18 and becomes eligible to vote.

Berlin's new airport is finally opening to the public, 10 years behind schedule and billions ov

Some of the stories you may have missed this week.

The US trails other developed countries when it comes to voter turnout. Could it learn from others?

Could this zombie-inspired experience be for people who want to be frightened but be Covid-19 safe?

Donald Trump and Joe Biden slug it out in Florida, with very different campaign styles.

Armenian mothers fear for sons on the front line in Nagorno-Karabakh as both sides suffer heavy casu

Three people have died in a knife attack at a church in Nice, in what France's President descri

Three people from around the world who lost their jobs during the pandemic explain how it has affect

Hurricane Zeta has hit Jean Lafitte in Louisiana, where climate change is a major election issue for

Zeta made landfall in Louisiana as a hurricane but has since been downgraded to a tropical storm.

Three people have died in a knife attack in Nice, in what the French President called an "Islam

Village People's lead singer says he doesn't endorse the US president, who regularly plays

The BBC's Clive Myrie goes to the crucial state of Arizona, where black votes could decide who

"This is the single most resilient and bravest person I have ever met in my life," the Bre

Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi said there had been a "terrorist attack at the heart of the Notre-

The parents of two Parkland victims share different views on the issue of gun violence in the US.

Tending to her sister's virtual town in Animal Crossing helps Meredith Myers keep her memory al

Young care leaver Kim Emenike made it to university against the odds - then social services forgot a

A Chinese rocket scientist helped two superpowers reach the moon, but his story is remembered in onl

Natalia Jones-Pinkney is an undecided voter - which has a lot to do with her experience of 9/11 as a

Economist John List had a bad ride with Uber and never got an apology, so he showed them the best wa

In 1968 Barbara Blake Hannah got a reporting job with Thames Television, but some viewers strongly o

Salma left home when her family urged her to get an abortion. Later she challenged her mum's an

The fans bringing football back to the town of Bury

'I cannot bear the chance of something that I've done makes somebody else go and do someth

After being taken hostage by the so-called Islamic State in 2013, no one knows for certain what happ

BBC reporter Bryony Hopkins explores how IBD impacts the lives of three young people.

The UK drinks over 100 million mugs of tea every day, but what do our teabags really contain?

Three women who had Caesarean deliveries describe their feelings of having 'failed' at chi

Most DPD drivers are on self-employed franchise contracts without sick pay and holiday pay.

The idea that 5G could have health implications isn't new. But conspiracy theories linking 5G w

With menopause now on the school curriculum in England, three women share their experience of "

DJ and broadcaster Jamz Supernova looks at what impact the pandemic has had on the clubbing industry

TikTok: Viral video of murder victims stays up, despite the family’s request.

BBC reporter Amber Haque offers a chronology of how four women’s personal circumstances changed over

Manchester has become one of the fastest developing cities in Europe, but despite a property boom, s

Iraqi soldier Ali Hussein Kadhim recollects his miraculous escape from the massacre that killed hund

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab argues that a tiered local approach is more effective.

The Labour leader says he wanted to be able to "draw a line in the sand" after the report

Government proposals to introduce planning reforms have been met with a mixed reaction.

The former Labour leader says numbers of anti-Semitism complaints "exaggerated", ahead of

The full statement from Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer on the EHRC report into anti-Semitism in Labo

Luciana Berger, who resigned from Labour after suffering anti-Semitic abuse, was asked whether she t

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer says he was "disappointed" with Jeremy Corbyn's respon

Labour MP Margaret Hodge says Jeremy Corbyn is in denial about anti-Semitism but is "yesterday

Environment Secretary George Eustice says the UK may have to celebrate Christmas in smaller family g

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer says a report on anti-Semitism is "a day of shame" for the

Lord Griffiths of Burry Port says he can "still taste" the panic ahead of school holidays.

Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham has said more devolution would help the UK.

The former Northern Powerhouse minister calls for government transparency on lockdowns.

Business Minister Nadhim Zahawi has said 45 Northern Powerhouse towns will get additional investment

With presidential candidates spending billions of dollars to win, the world's most powerful job

Conservative Ben Bradley was accused by Labour of "stigmatising working class families" ov

Nicky Morgan suggests Tory MPs didn't vote for free school meals because of Angela Rayner'

Shaun Bailey told MPs his mother had been verbally abused after Angela Rayner's "scum

Fishing is one of the key stumbling blocks preventing a trade deal between the UK and EU.

The former Labour deputy leader thinks the government “might have to concede” on free meals for chil

Renters and the self employed could be among those facing tough times this winter, charities warn.

The region saw 12.7% growth from July to September but GDP is still smaller than before the pandemic

House prices rise at their fastest rate for five years as buyers race to avoid paying stamp duty.

Bank posted a £355m profit before tax for July to September even though analysts expected a loss.

Furlough was a welcome holiday for some but for others it was a long and anxious waiting game.

Workers facing new lockdowns: "We need furlough pay to be kept at 80% of our salaries."

As the furlough scheme draws to a close, how much did it cost and did it achieve its aims?

The government has expanded its Job Support Scheme, which replaces furlough from November.

How are Tottenham residents coping after the area had one of the highest furlough rates in London?

Eco-friendly diamonds made from carbon sucked out of the air have been created in the UK.

Plans for the Mitsubishi SpaceJet have been frozen due to budget cuts amid the virus downturn.

Up to 339 million people may have been hit in a cyber-attack on a chain later bought by Marriott.

Latest sales and profit figures from America's big tech companies exceed Wall Street expectatio

It comes weeks after the firm said it would cut 1,100 jobs and shut 73 restaurants as coronavirus hi

SpiceJet will fly the aircraft to the site of the world's tallest statue among its new routes.

The US economy grew 7.4% over the quarter, but output remains lower than last year.

The International Monetary Fund also says the UK's recession will be more severe than it predic

The drop is concerning as the end of the Brexit transition period looms, says industry body.

The airline's boss Scott Kirby tells the BBC passenger testing is "key to reopening the wo

The company says sales are up 33% as more people take up hobbies during the pandemic.

Strong winds and low pressure created 'extremely dangerous' conditions off the coast of Co

Nasa has announced it's found an abundance of water on the Moon. But what else is up there?

The new £200m ship begins important testing and sea trials ahead of its maiden cruise in 2021.

Nasa scientists were elated as the spacecraft successfully touched down for just a few seconds to gr

"It's a fish really getting itself into somewhere that it's not designed to be,"

Amid fresh concern about overfishing, scientists say eating more jellyfish may give us benefits.

Seeing record-breaking numbers of knot take flight "should be on everybody's bucket list

Teenagers living in remote Arctic communities share their concerns about the effects of climate chan

More than half of 18 to 24-years-old in the UK are worried that climate change has been neglected be

The trip took just three hours and three minutes – half the usual journey time.

What this year's science Nobel Prizes showed us about the darkest mysteries of the Universe.

Eight-year-old Inbar and her 3m pet python enjoy a swim in the pool.

Over the next decade, the £50m prize fund aims to support ideas that will help repair the earth.

Oskars has spent eight years trying to stop an invasive toxic weed surrounding his home in Latvia.

As unprecedented wildfires rage across the Golden State, Californians have been bearing the brunt.

For the first time, both British and American jets launch off HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Powerful Storm Alex has brought destructive winds, rain, flooding and landslides to southern France.

From monkeys to spiders - Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis ask about the natural w

As Covid-19 threatens conservation work, Whipsnade Zoo is hoping for rhino breeding success.

Scientists explain how the biggest deep-sea study of two marine parks led to exciting discoveries.