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Uefa and the Premier League have strongly condemned 12 major European clubs, including the 'big six' from England, signing up to a breakaway European Super League. [...]

The Czech Republic expels 18 Russian diplomats after linking the operatives to a 2014 explosion. [...]

Millions more around the world watch the service across online channels, including YouTube. [...]

The Issa brothers have bought the British fast food chain Leon, which has more than 70 sites. [...]

The blaze has so far destroyed part of a cafe at the Rhodes Memorial above the city of Cape Town. [...]

The Peaky Blinders star's husband Damian Lewis says she armed her family with "courage to go on". [...]

Ingenuity is set to be the first rotorcraft to fly on another planet. This is how it'll work. [...]

Brandon Hole legally bought two rifles despite having had a gun confiscated by police months before. [...]

Some cases of the Indian variant have been found that are not linked to travel, a scientist says. [...]

Explosives experts are called in as the area near the Palace Pier is cordoned off by police. [...]

The family, who recently moved to the area, have been forced to flee their home, a councillor says. [...]

They sped up and down a dual carriageway after seizing it from a driver, a misconduct panel hears. [...]

The World War Two-era aircraft made an emergency landing in shallow water. [...]

Josh Garman is aiming to cycle around the coastline of Great Britain for charity. [...]

After wowing art lovers in the US and China, Lucy Sparrow's latest felt fantasy is her first UK show in five years. [...]

Here are a few of the stories you may have missed this week. [...]

Students in one of the world's most expensive cities get stunning views of Zurich in a former business hotel. [...]

These teenage climate activists are pushing for change in Australia. [...]

Four of the eight who died at a FedEx warehouse were members of the Sikh community. [...]

A look back at the characters portrayed by the British actress, who has died aged 52. [...]

Our correspondent on what it's been like to cover the 10 years since Colonel Gaddafi was deposed and killed. [...]

The World War Two-era aircraft made an emergency landing in shallow water. [...]

Here are a few of the stories you may have missed this week. [...]

Ingenuity is set to be the first rotorcraft to fly on another planet. This is how it'll work. [...]

These teenage climate activists are pushing for change in Australia. [...]

Students in one of the world's most expensive cities get stunning views of Zurich in a former business hotel. [...]

The BBC's Jonah Fisher reports from the front line between soldiers and separatists. [...]

This year’s wildfire season in Nepal has been worse than usual with more fires, burning longer. [...]

Nadya and Emna live 12,000 km away from each other but both have been told what they can and can’t wear. [...]

Beijing critic Jimmy Lai, owner of Hong Kong’s last opposition newspaper Apple Daily, has been jailed. [...]

A police spokesperson said "emotions are very high" following the late night shooting. [...]

Two years since the fire, workers are preparing for the reconstruction phase of the Paris landmark. [...]

The defendant and his lawyer say they went "back and forth" before making a final decision last night. [...]

Unable to have guests due to the pandemic, a fine dining restaurant in Amsterdam turns to takeaways. [...]

The group claim Australia has breached their human rights by failing to act on climate change. [...]

Most experts say the plan is safe but locals, environmentalists and neighbouring countries are not happy. [...]

French President Emmanuel Macron speaks of the "collective pride" of the reconstruction efforts. [...]

India's cases plummeted earlier this year, but are now on the rise again. What happened? [...]

When a DNA test revealed a decades-old family secret, Maia’s life was turned upside down. [...]

Senegal has successfully reduced HIV but infection remains high among gay men. [...]

Loretta Harmes hasn't eaten or tasted food for six years, but she hasn't lost her passion for cooking. [...]

Therapy with surrogate sexual partners is used in Israel to rehabilitate badly injured soldiers. [...]

Model Lucy Dawson was 21 when a life-threatening illness was misdiagnosed as a mental breakdown. [...]

Danny Stewart saw something on the floor of an NY subway station - soon he would treasure it more than anything. [...]

Diagnosed with a terminal illness, Hanna wanted to tell the twins taken from her at 16 - but had no way of reaching them. [...]

"There is a mental health crisis with or without corona, especially among young people" [...]

Dog theft: Organised crime driving ‘epidemic’ of dog snatching. [...]

An email exchange between a UK professor and a man called "Ivan" shows how intense the information war over Syria remains. [...]

Germany is set to apologise to Namibia for a genocide more than 100 years ago - and to pay an as yet unknown amount of money. [...]

This time, the revolution is being televised, but it was music that gave Black Power a timeless platform. [...]

You told us what projects kept you going in lockdown, from dancing to writing and inventing games. [...]

Some of the children of men who helped to "disappear" thousands of Argentines in the 1970s and 80s are now speaking out - against their fathers. [...]

Michaela Hollywood led a jet-set lifestyle until coronavirus hit, then she had to shield. [...]

Did a crew sent to the US Skylab space station go on strike? The last surviving member says it's a myth that won't die. [...]

Up to 1,000 Christian, Hindu and Sikh girls are abducted in Pakistan every year, then forced to convert to Islam, and to marry. [...]

In the country with the world's highest prevalence of HIV, Thembi Nkambule doesn't want people to die of Aids ashamed and alone. [...]

A war hero had been all but forgotten. But now his story can be told - thanks to his engagement ring. [...]

Listening to all her records took Anna Doble back to her youth - releasing memories and emotions. [...]

James Le Mesurier fell to his death in Istanbul in 2019 with a sense that Syrian and Russian disinformation had destroyed his reputation. [...]

People with psychosis are usually given powerful medication - in Norway they can now choose to go drug-free. [...]

Environment Secretary George Eustice defends the chancellor amid the ongoing row over lobbying. [...]

Labour MP Rachel Reeves says the Greensill lobbying row is the "tip of the iceberg". [...]

Labour leader Keir Starmer describes a 'murkier and murkier picture' over lobbying. [...]

Lord Pickles says the system for civil servants working for private companies needs urgent reform. [...]

Labour MP Vicky Foxcroft asks Boris Johnson about the lack of a sign language interpreter in his briefing room. [...]

Keir Starmer says claims about lobbying show a "return of Tory sleaze" as he calls for MPs to clean up "sleaze and cronyism". [...]

An MP becomes emotional as he calls for Cheryl’s Vote to allow ill MPs to get a proxy in the Commons. [...]

Lockdown measures more effective in reducing the disease than vaccines, says Boris Johnson. [...]

Theresa May shares memories of meeting Prince Philip, as MPs pay tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh. [...]

The late Shirley Williams is called a “liberal lion” by the current Lib Dem leader. [...]

The US and Europe should each pay a quarter of the cost to help vaccinate poorer nations, says the former UK PM. [...]

Baroness Williams has delivered her final speech to the House of Lords before retiring from the chamber. [...]

Prime Minister Boris Johnson pays tribute to Prince Philip outside 10 Downing Street. [...]

The Labour leader says the Duke of Edinburgh "dedicated his life to our country". [...]

Northern Ireland's First Minister Arlene Foster has paid tribute to Prince Philip. [...]

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has said he wants to drive down the cost of Covid tests required for international travel to resume. [...]

The UK drugs regulator says an alternative to the AstraZeneca jab should be offered to people aged 18 to 29. [...]

Boris Johnson says overseas vaccine passports will probably be a "fact of life". [...]

Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi explains the government's Covid position on vaccine passports. [...]

Gordon says government lobbying by former ministers risks being "a stain on our democracy". [...]

The Issa brothers have bought the British fast food chain Leon, which has more than 70 sites. [...]

Leaders of the UK's biggest hospitality firms sign an open letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. [...]

Charles Geschke set up Adobe in 1982, giving the world the ubiquitous PDF technology. [...]

Business owners tell how their first week of trading has gone after lockdown rules eased in England and Wales. [...]

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says it is aware of 39 incidents involving the Tread+ treadmill. [...]

Hammerson, whose centres include the Bullring and Brent Cross, is "resetting rents to more affordable levels". [...]

US investment bank Morgan Stanley's lending to the collapsed hedge fund cost it nearly $1bn. [...]

The boss of Europe's biggest holiday company thinks successful vaccine programmes can prevent another washout. [...]

Marks & Spencer has begun legal action against Aldi, arguing the retailer's Cuthbert the Caterpillar cake infringes its Colin the Caterpillar trademark. [...]

The online grocery retailer has teamed up with Oxford self-driving firm Oxbotica. [...]

A garden centre "boom" coupled with supply chain delays are making the ornaments hard to come by. [...]

The company behind the UK's Liberty Steel says it did nothing wrong when seeking government funds. [...]

The firm saw a social media backlash after a nurse claimed staff were turned away for beauty treatments. [...]

The record figures for the first quarter of the year are skewed due to last year's nationwide lockdown [...]

The key Brexit trade deal now stands a better chance of being ratified in Brussels. [...]

The food delivery firm suffered a technical glitch, but says it has resolved the situation. [...]

Carla Jonson's story helps explain how Amazon won last week's union vote in Alabama. [...]

The cooperative firms who say their business model made them more resilient to the pandemic. [...]

Alibaba’s run-in with Chinese regulators has made things tense for its other technology giants. [...]

Cancelling student debt was once a fringe idea in the US, but it's become increasingly mainstream. [...]

Ingenuity is set to be the first rotorcraft to fly on another planet. This is how it'll work. [...]

Sir David Attenborough fronts a new documentary on lockdown's effect on the natural world. [...]

There are warnings that, with ground drying out, more landslips and rockfalls could happen. [...]

Some rare footage of two wild pandas having a fierce fight has been captured by researchers in China. [...]

The makers of the Bafta-winning documentary want to preserve the underwater ecosystem it features. [...]

The BBC speaks to the woman who, as a child, witnessed Yuri Gagarin's return to Earth 60 years ago. [...]

She told the BBC she was concerned about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on attendance at COP26. [...]

A paediatrician describes how his love of space observation has grown during the lockdown. [...]

One impact of lockdown is that there has been a big reduction in light pollution in some areas. [...]

Shan, 17, wants to find out just how much food gets wasted in his home country of Singapore. [...]

Marine scientist Professor Jessica Meeuwig on her hopes for a new ocean monitoring system. [...]

Tree felling is helping to restore an ancient ecosystem which can store even more carbon than trees do. [...]

Regent honeyeaters have become so sparse that some of the birds have been unable to learn their song. [...]

Beekeeper Erika Thompson says the video, viewed over a million times, was "just a normal Tuesday". [...]

Dene Bingham photographs dangerous seas and wild places from a remote coast in Western Australia. [...]

The harlequin toad has been successfully bred in captivity for the first time outside Panama. [...]

During the virtual event the Queen was shown a meteorite that fell to Earth and classroom rockets. [...]

Japan's most powerful earthquake on record caused a tsunami and a nuclear power plant meltdown. [...]

A home in a Gloucestershire town was hit by the most valuable space rock ever to fall on the UK. [...]

Divers in the Philippines find personal protective equipment (PPE) among rubbish on a coral reef. [...]