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Boris Johnson visits Sedgefield in north-east England, which has returned its first Conservative MP [...]

An 18-year-old is accused of killing Alex Rodda, 15, whose body was discovered on Friday. [...]

Kelvin, Emma and Karim have done battle on the BBC dancefloor but who won the glitterball trophy? [...]

Guymon, Oklahoma, was on its way to becoming a ghost town. Then Mexican immigrants arrived 20 years [...]

The 50-year-old man and his son, who was wounded, were shot outside a luxury hotel in Buenos Aires. [...]

UN climate change talks in Madrid are struggling to reach agreement on crucial measures. [...]

Riot police fire tear gas and rubber bullets as anti-government protests continue in Lebanon. [...]

Marathon runner Eliud Kipchoge is voted Sports Personality's World Sport Star of the Year. [...]

Nine people are arrested on suspicion of murder and abuse of power after last month's deadly tr [...]

Tens of thousands rally against the right-wing League party of Matteo Salvini, using sardines as the [...]

Samantha Morton says she still does not feel justice has been done despite a major inquiry. [...]

Sunday's papers claim up to a third of cabinet ministers will be sacked in a February reshuffle [...]

When is Sports Personality of the Year on? How can I watch it? Where can I vote? Find out here. [...]

Each week, we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is "gara [...]

It has been run by three generations of the same family and originally delivered meat by horse and c [...]

Some of the stories you may have missed this week. [...]

The Beatles star left them on the back seat of Ringo Starr's Mercedes in the summer of 1968. [...]

Longleat Safari Park asked people to send socks for the rodents to sleep and store food in. [...]

Why mainland China insists there is a sinister hand of foreign meddling in the protests. [...]

Those accused of false accounting and theft by the Post Office tell how their lives were devastated. [...]

Some of the stories you may have missed this week. [...]

The duelling animals were found floating in the waters off Quatsino, British Columbia. [...]

Rohingya refugee Hasina Begun says Myanmar troops set her village alight and opened fire. [...]

The song "The rapist is you" was created by the Chilean feminist collective Las Tesis. [...]

Kenyan Stanley Ngara gives out free condoms in his bid to encourage safe sex and lower HIV rates. [...]

The King of Bollywood sat down with Talking Movies’ Tom Brook in front of a live audience. [...]

Andriy Pilat makes art from discarded plastic rubbish in the Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi. [...]

The BBC's Shaimaa Khalil flies close to White Island, while it continues to spew toxic gas. [...]

A number of patients are believed to have died after a protest by lawyers at a Lahore hospital turne [...]

A factory in France is trialling a more efficient way of packaging orders, Emma Simpson reports. [...]

Aung San Suu Kyi will defend her country against genocide accusations in court in The Hague. [...]

Police confirm a Jewish supermarket was the target of a gun attack which left six people dead on Tue [...]

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has addressed the COP25 summit, criticising politicians and [...]

Herero people commemorate their battle with their German colonial rulers with a ceremonial dress. [...]

A paramedic describes the scene he witnessed at the White Island volcano eruption in New Zealand. [...]

The Harbour Bridge disappears in haze, as firefighters say the fires could take many weeks to contai [...]

Methane emissions from cattle contribute to climate change - but Will Harris says he has a solution. [...]

Finland's Sanna Marin was sworn in as prime minister as part of an all-women coalition. [...]

The pilot warned his passengers before he brought the plane down in Costa Rica. [...]

Watch how Bryon Howard reacts as a huge wall of snow heads towards him on a run in Lake Louise, Albe [...]

In the new series of The Crown the Queen hears rumours her PM is a Soviet agent. What did MI5 think? [...]

Karen and Barry Mason ran a successful gay porn business but tried to hide it from their children. [...]

An refugee doctor would love to work in the UK, and the NHS would love to have him - but there' [...]

Four young Muslims discuss the issues that matter to them ahead of the election. [...]

A mother whose baby got meningitis because of Group B Strep says all pregnant women should be tested [...]

BBC Stories and Newsbeat went to Cheltenham to ask people what makes them angry, and what they want [...]

Moey Hassan describes how "daytimers" became the big thing for South Asian teens in 1980s [...]

Reporter Aaron Roach Bridgeman speaks to suspects, police and campaigners. [...]

In 2011 seven Danish students were revived after they fell into ice-cold water, and 'died' [...]

Remi was born after doctors extracted sperm from her father 44 hours after his death. [...]

How do drug dealers bank their dirty money without raising suspicions? [...]

Protesters met on Parliament Square to voice their concerns over how the family courts respond to do [...]

Up to seven in 10 women have had an uncomfortable experience at the gym, according to a recent surve [...]

Crossing Divides - Whiteness, white privilege, white supremacy: white people are now part of the rac [...]

Three women out of 13,500 who took part in BBC research, explain how the condition affects them. [...]

Two years ago Russia passed a law reducing sentences for domestic violence. There is now a movement [...]

Three young West Africans stole from their families to fund a trek to Europe, now they have to face [...]

Phil Wilson, who lost his seat in Sedgefield in the election, says Labour's leadership need to [...]

Speaking in Tony Blair's old constituency, Boris Johnson thanks voters across north-east Englan [...]

Labour's John McDonnell says he's leaving the shadow cabinet after the party's electi [...]

How will the election result impact your life? The Next Episode asked people aged 18-25 from around [...]

From the Tories winning seats in traditional Labour heartlands to Jo Swinson losing her seat. [...]

Two people were arrested after protests broke out in London after the Conservative Party election wi [...]

Boris Johnson delivers his first speech from Downing Street after winning an 80-seat Commons majorit [...]

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn responds to his party's heavy election defeat, defending his manife [...]

All of the centrist MPs who recently defected from Labour and the Conservatives failed to win seats. [...]

This election's been full of historic results - but what does the future look like for you, the [...]

The first minster says the SNP vote in Scotland means Scotland has a "democratic right" to [...]

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson says she is "devastated" at the general election result [...]

Key moments as the Conservatives win a clear majority in Parliament. [...]

The Conservative party has won the seat of Bassetlaw, which Labour had held since 1935. [...]

The prime minister says he will work "night and day, flat out" to prove his backers right. [...]

Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn, Jo Swinson and Nicola Sturgeon react to election outcome. [...]

In a strange but honoured UK tradition, the prime minister heard his constituency result next to a m [...]

The former Labour MP for Ipswich, Sandy Martin, takes aim at politicians after losing his seat. [...]

The Labour candidate appears with her baby daughter at the count in her Walthamstow constituency. [...]

Government minister Zac Goldmsith has lost his south London seat to Liberal Democrat Sarah Olney. [...]

Those accused of false accounting and theft by the Post Office tell how their lives were devastated. [...]

More than three-quarters of consumers who haggled were offered a better deal, according to Which? [...]

Promises have been made and plans put in place that will have an effect on your finances after the e [...]

New rail timetables come in on Sunday, with more and speedier services promised on some routes. [...]

The so-called phase one deal will see billions of dollars in tariffs removed or delayed. [...]

Bosses have called on the prime minister to secure the future terms of trade with the EU. [...]

Stricken investors in Neil Woodford's former flagship fund will receive their first payments on [...]

The regulator is considering whether the takeover will lead to "a substantial lessening of comp [...]

Lawyers for Quadriga users say there are "questionable circumstances" behind Gerald Cotten [...]

The move marks a fresh blow to rival Boeing as it deals with the fallout from its grounded 737 Max j [...]

As part of a new BBC blog series, Harriet Brown shares what she spent her money on this week. [...]

Charity fundraising has become big business – but what’s the best way to encourage donations? [...]

Is the fashion for filming calorie-saturated food videos encouraging unhealthy eating? [...]

Entrepreneur Mathias Mikkelsen was so desperate to get into a 'hacker house' he slept in a [...]

Many angry Thomas Cook customers are still awaiting refunds for the holidays that never happened. [...]

Canadian Doug Putman rescued the UK music chain, but will the festive season make or break it? [...]

BBC Business Editor Faisal Islam looks at the economic issues at stake in the election. [...]

From renting your tree, to sponsoring a turkey, a growing number of people are having a greener Chri [...]

Hospital staff, police and transport employees join France's biggest strike in decades - but wh [...]

A revolution in the way vaccines are developed is raising hopes of faster protection from deadly inf [...]

Geoff Grewcock set up the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary in his garden 18 years ago. [...]

The duelling animals were found floating in the waters off Quatsino, British Columbia. [...]

A factory in France is trialling a more efficient way of packaging orders, Emma Simpson reports. [...]

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has addressed the COP25 summit, criticising politicians and [...]

Life has changed a lot for the environmental activist in the space of a year. [...]

As the annual COP25 climate change summit continues in Madrid, we asked delegates from all over the [...]

Almost 200 countries are meeting in Madrid to discuss what they're doing to tackle climate chan [...]

Rangers on the Farne Islands in Northumberland use drones to keep track of the growing grey seal pop [...]

Henrik Stiesdal has been thinking about wind turbines since he was a teenager. [...]

The foam is said to be caused by pollutants in sewage mixing with sea water and frothed by waves. [...]

Fifteen-year-old Cheikh Bamba Diaby got into robotics after he had to unblock his sister's mobi [...]

A fridge recycling plant believes it has found a more sustainable way to dispose of them. [...]

Scientists are shocked at what they find in the polluted waters, but say there is hope. [...]

A woman who records sightings of the unusual rodents found hotspots for them in East and West Sussex [...]

If you care about what the parties are promising to do about the environment, here are some key issu [...]

As India increases its use of cement, the boss of an Indian company hopes to curb its emissions. [...]

Bushfires have hit areas near Adelaide and created a smoky haze blanketing the city. [...]

Tenia Lestari leads a network of volunteer divers who clear rubbish from the coral reefs and recycle [...]

Bushfires are spreading across Australia's east coast, ravaging the marsupial's main habit [...]

Sir David Attenborough says people's response to plastic pollution has been encouraging [...]