About Us

Invigra is not an actual word in the dictionary but one that we have used to shorten the word Invigorate!
That is what this site is all about.

Bright , Fresh, Clean and a burst of energy.

Invigra started as a gateway Internet service in 1999. The site operates at no cost to you. Over the years Invigra has taken over or started a variety of different ventures. This includes Web Hosting, E-Mail and a Music Video Site. While all these sites have their own unique home page, we integrate all of these sites into the Invigra portal site. We continue to seek out interesting and informative websites that we believe offer an exceptional or useful service. By linking direct to it from Invigra, you save having to search for the site or having to bookmark it. You can also suggest sites for us to review.

In 2015 we revamped the website with a fresh new look and steered the website along a slightly different track. While Invigra still continues to offer all the same services such as free e-mail, web hosting, the video vault and links to popular websites, we also decided the site should offer more content. Website and product reviews will now all feature prominently on the home page as well as a few life views with the opportunity for guest authors to be published on the site.

We fund ourselves with advertising and affiliate links to cover our operating costs. Once we have decided to link to a site, we then look to see if we can receive an affiliate payment. We do not refer because of the payment. If we feel the site is no longer appropriate or we discover a better website then we will remove the link and replace it, even if this means removing a paying link for a non paying one. We want to offer you the user the best experience while using Invigra and we always encourage feedback, in fact our users suggested many of the links we feature.

If you would like to support us by advertising on the site then please send an e-mail to: advertising@invigra.net We describe ourselves as a gateway service that is an alternative to the hundreds of search engines available on the Internet. We are primarily a UK Internet Service but some of the sites we link to are International and we welcome users from around the world.
If you were looking for a particular item you may have to visit several search engines each returning thousands of entries, which can be quite overwhelming. So Invigra does the searching for you. We trawl the web searching for the best and list it for you. Sometimes one click will take you direct to a site and other times you will be presented with a page listing different sites and descriptions.
If you require any help navigating the site then please e-mail the webmaster@invigra.net
Now that you know a little bit about us why not tell us a little bit about yourself? We promise that any information you give us will remain confidential and will only be used to improve the service we give you.

To report a broken link or for any enquiries please e-mail the webmaster@invigra.net

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