E-Mail Services



Invigra has decided to stop running the Invigra e-mail service. This was due to increasing costs and we felt that at this current time we were unable to compete with some of the current providers on the market. We have picked the best of these providers.

Google Mail

  • Up to 15GB storage for free
  • Comprises Google drive & Photos
  • Upgrade to unlimited storage for a fee
  • Mobile App
  • 25MB attachment limit
  • Account expires after 9 months of no use
  • over a billion users

GMX Mail

  • Unlimited storage for free
  • Sign up to 10 different e-mails
  • Mobile app
  • 20MB attachment limit
  • Account expires after 6 months of no use
  • 11 million users


  • Microsoft product replaced Hotmail
  • Unlimited storage for free
  • 25MB attachment limit (unlimited via one drive)
  • Account expires after 270 days of no use
  • 400 million users

Yahoo Mail

  • Up to 1TB of storage for free
  • 25MB attachment limit (150MB via Dropbox)
  • Account expires after 12 months of no use
  • Includes Flickr and Dropbox
  • 281 Million users

Zoho Mail

  • Up to 5GB free storage
  • 3MB attachment limit
  • Account expires after 4 months of no use
  • Easy to use own domain name for free
  • Various paid for options

Disposable E-Mails

We link to the above 3 disposable e-mail services as they appear to provide the most reliable service. We list 3 different services as there is not much to choose between them but certain companies recognise the disposable domains and will block them so we suggest that if one doesn’t work then you move on and try one of the others.

They are a great way to view websites that won’t allow you access without providing your e-mail or for signing up to a newsletter  you only want once perhaps to receive a discount on your first order. There are many reasons for using these services but we would also suggest that it may be sensible to create a totally new e-mail account with one of the other providers listed and use this solely for subscriptions.

Whatever you choose, we hope you find this selection useful. There are lots of differences between these services and all have advantages over each other making it difficult to choose an overall winner but outlook probably comes close due to having unlimited storage, unlimited attachments via one drive or a generous 25MB without and almost 9 months of inactivity before the account is removed. GMX comes a close second with Gmail in third place.

Due to the recent security breaches and unknown future for Yahoo it is difficult to rank higher though we feature it as this remains a top product.

*Data and statistics sourced from wikipedia Nov 2016