Review Television
Netflix Screenshot

Netflix is an online television subscription service.

They currently offer users a choice of 3 packages starting with the aptly named ‘basic’ package for £5.99 per month. This gets you in through the door and offers access to the entire catalogue. You can watch Netflix on your TV, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile Phone or probably any device you can connect to the internet although they do only state you can connect using the 4 mediums mentioned.

However, if you want to watch in HD or you fancy sharing your subscription with a family member and want to stream to 2 devices at the same time then you will need to subscribe to the ‘standard’ package. This has recently gone up to £7.49 per month from £6.99. At the lower price we would have rated this package 9/10 but due to the fee increase we have rated it lower as it is important to realise that all you get for the extra money is HD and streaming to an additional device.

Should you fancy some ‘ultra HD’ that Netflix states ‘when available’ or you want to stream to 4 devices at exactly the same time then you will need to upgrade to the premium package for a hefty £8.99 per month. I find it difficult to imagine how often you would ever really need to stream to 4 devices at the same time. Remember there is no limit to the numbers of devices on any of these packages, it is just how many can stream at the same time.

I found the website to be infuriating. When you go to the website there isn’t very much to see apart from a picture of a family apparently watching television. You can’t find out what shows they have until you actually sign up. You don’t even see the prices until you click the ‘start your free month’ button. Fair enough of course it is free to start off and you are free to cancel anytime and never pay a penny, but it would be nice to see something before you sign up.

Once you are signed up, you are presented with the screen at the top of this page. This is row after row of films and TV shows. Again, I found this method difficult to navigate and after a while you just get bored of swiping across trying to see what is there. Everything I searched for using the search box was not stocked. Some were old films like ‘Falling Down’ that Harrison Ford angry man classic that you would think would be a staple of sites like this.

All in all it’s well worth doing the free trial, try it out and see if it’s for you. If you like it, it’s probably worth upgrading to Standard, but steer clear of Premium as it just doesn’t seem worth it.