Skype Death Loop


It is being reported that a new bug has been discovered in Skype that can instantly crash the app and then keep crashing it, endlessly.

The message, which is at the beginning of every web address, comprises the string “http://:”. If this is sent to any Skype client on Windows, Android or iOS the app will crash. If they remain in your chat history anywhere, you won’t be able to open Skype. Only the OS X and touch-enabled Windows 8.1 versions are unaffected, although reports on that vary, and it is unclear why.

If you reinstall the current version of Skype, it will simply re-download your chat history, and crash all over again. Instead you have to download an older version without the bug.

One option you have is to ask the person who sent you the message to delete it. This isn’t much help though if you only talk to them on Skype!

The issue turned up on the Skype forums, and the company has now said it is working on a solution: “we are aware of the problem and are working to provide an resolution” Skype said.

Hopefully they will provide the solution soon as no doubt this issue will get bigger now that everybody knows about it.