Invigra launches new Website


invigra pre 2015

Invigra has launched a brand new website.

We have been working on this new site for some time and those of you that access us through the domain may have already noticed the changes as we started testing the site to ensure everything was working as it should be.

Why have you changed it?

The previous design has remained unchanged in it’s current format for quite some time and we felt it was starting to look a little dated. Although the site would be familiar to regular users we found it was not appealing to new users. Feedback was that the site was too cluttered and did not have enough content. We agreed and decided as a starting point to go back and look at the original brief for the site when it was launched in 1999. Back then it was launched as an internet portal and website review site.

What’s changed then?

So we have decided to introduce more content in the form of reviews and also views that will now also include guest authors. The twitter page will still remain as a tool for adding quick bite size content, but now features, views and reviews will feature prominently on the home page.

Where is……………?

OK so lets go through the old home page?

  • Latest News Headlines – They are still there but have moved to the right side of the page
  • The Twitter feed – This has also moved to the right side of the page and is still under the Latest News
  • Latest Tweets – This is still on the right side but has moved to the top of the page
  • Search Engine – Due to a technical fault this was lost on the old site and has now returned!
  • Just added to the video vault – still on the right side of the page under the twitter feed
  • E-Mail services – Now part of the main menu
  • Value Hosting links – Now part of the main menu
  • News links – Now part of the main menu
  • Shopping links – Now part of the main menu
  • Popular website links – Now part of the main menu

Anything missing?

Not really, just some adverts!

We would love to know what you think of the changes to the site!