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Brexit: Cabinet to meet amid pressure on MayIt comes after a weekend of speculation about the PM's leadership and claims of a plot to oust [...]

Mueller report: President Trump 'did not conspire with Russia'Robert Mueller's report finds no evidence of collusion; but does not exonerate Trump of obstruc [...]

Christchurch attack: New Zealand's Ardern orders top-level inquiryJacinda Ardern orders the highest level of public inquiry to examine if more could have been done. [...]

Prince Charles and Camilla make history in CubaThe couple are the first members of the royal family to visit the country in an official capacity. [...]

Drugs smuggled into Guys Marsh prison in dead ratsThe find shows the extraordinary lengths criminals will go to smuggle drugs, the Prison Service says [...]

Cyclone Veronica: Destructive winds and rain lash AustraliaCyclone Veronica has brought destructive winds and torrential rains, prompting safety warnings. [...]

'At 11 years old, my dad sold me for sex'After years of abuse, Kayti shares the horrors she lived through in a US town and how she finally go [...]

Knife crime: Tony Blair says police losing knife crime battleThe former prime minister says "the emergency" means he is more worried about his own chil [...]

Girl, 11, injured in pellet gun shootingPolice are trying to trace a group of people seen in Figges Marsh, London, before shots were fired. [...]

MPs' expenses editor 'more resolute' after Queen talkThe editor who broke the MPs' expenses scandal says a royal chat encouraged him to keep investi [...]

Thailand election: Pro-military political party takes leadPreliminary results in the first post-coup election suggest the pro-army party could form a governme [...]

Invoice scams hit 40% of firms, says reportScams take place when fraudsters trick firms into transferring money by posing as legitimate payees. [...]

Might this Nazi-stolen painting be returned?The Uffizi Gallery has replaced it with a copy. The exact location of the original is a mystery. [...]

Newspaper headlines: May's premiership and 'children damaged by cannabis'The newspapers again focus on Theresa May's position ahead of a critical week for Brexit. [...]

News Daily: Trump cleared of Russia conspiracy and May to meet cabinetYour morning briefing for 25 March 2019. [...]

Instagram cleaners: Using housework as therapyHarriet Knock shares cleaning tips on Instagram and encourages people to talk about mental health. [...]

Tim Peake joins Scouts Association to launch a new science badge for scouts.Tim Peake says the new science badge for scouts will help highlight different career opportunities f [...]

'Make people want to try harder'If you have a happy workplace culture, staff will work harder, says beer firm boss Alistair Hargreav [...]

'Sexist' cycle safety campaign sparks stormAn attempt by the German transport ministry to mix sex with cycle helmets meets a mixed response. [...]

BBC BreakfastBritain's most-watched news channel, delivering breaking news and analysis all day, every day. [...]

Mueller report a 'complete exoneration'There was no collusion with Russia and no obstruction in his US presidential campaign, Donald Trump [...]

Mongolia: A toxic warning to the worldA cities are grappling with air pollution but the small capital of Mongolia is suffering from some o [...]

Norway cruise ship tilts sending furniture slidingFootage filmed on board shows the vessel violently tilting, sending furniture sliding across the dec [...]

Cyclone Idai: What the aftermath looks likeBBC reporter Pumza Fihlani gives a glimpse of what the trail of destruction in Mozambique looks like [...]

Kosovo war: The conflict that won't go awayIt's been 20 years since Nato bombed Serbia, ending the Kosovo war. But for some, the war lives [...]

Why this is unlikely to be the end of Islamic StateIS forces have been driven out of their last stronghold, but BBC Arabic's Feras Kilani says thi [...]

China chemical plant explosion: 'The blast smashed it all'Dozens have died and hundreds of people were injured in the explosion at a chemical plant in eastern [...]

Christchurch shootings: 'Thank you for your tears... your love'Imam Gamal Fouda thanks the people of New Zealand in a ceremony marking one week since the Christchu [...]

Christchurch attack: Survivor recounts attackMazharuddin Syed Ahmed survived the Christchurch attack in which 50 people died. [...]

ICYMI: Escape from an avalanche and a tidy mouseA look at some of the stories you may have missed this week. [...]

Is this the end for Islamic State?As US-backed forces say the militants have been defeated, Paul Adams looks at whether the group coul [...]

Yemen's ancient city where people escape civil warTens of thousands of Yemenis have died, but in amongst the conflict there is one place that’s prospe [...]

Cyclone Idai: Zimbabwe's desperate search for the missingCommunities in Zimbabwe continue to search through rubble for family members missing after the storm [...]

Brexit: Three moments that raised a smileDonald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker updated reporters at a press conference which had some lighter m [...]

Russian pilot's special relationship with rescued bearThe cub was found abandoned in 2016 and lives on a decommissioned Russian airbase. [...]

Mueller is done... this is what we knowAs the real-life US political drama nears its finale, here's a reminder of the saga's main [...]

Dead whale 'had 40kg of plastic in its stomach'The Cuvier's beaked whale was found in the Philippines, filled with 16 rice sacks and multiple [...]

Justin Trudeau apologises for eating chocolate during voteCanadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was caught eating a chocolate bar during a vote in parliament [...]

Nowruz: How 300m people celebrate Persian New YearOn Thursday, millions of people celebrate Persian New Year, also known as Nowruz. Here's how. [...]

Christchurch shootings: Tributes paid to the victimsThe victims of the Christchurch mosque shootings have been remembered at events throughout the week. [...]

'Reading bedtime stories helped me survive prison'For many prisoners the worst part of the experience is the separation from their families. Recording [...]

The good things about ADHD: 'It's my superpower'ADHD can sometimes be portrayed quite negatively, so an ADHD parents' support group asked us to [...]

Fashion rip-offs: Independent designers 'copied' by high streetMeet the independent businesses who claim they're being repeatedly ripped off by high street br [...]

A scandal in the Amazon - where pilots are forced to lieFew landing strips in the Amazon have been registered, so pilots have to file fake flight plans - ma [...]

The people trying to reunite a divided islandPeople in Cyprus are using the demilitarised zone that separates them as a place to reunite. [...]

The Gypsy mayor who wants Gypsies to mix with everyone elseFrance has about 500,000 gypsies but only one gypsy mayor - and he is not popular with gypsy voters. [...]

'I'm divorced, so Sikh men don't want me'After Minreet Kaur's first marriage ended, she started seeking another husband - 10 years later [...]

Bronchiolitis: 'I thought it was just a cold at first'When Stephanie Elderton's twin boys caught a cold, she never imagined that one of them would en [...]

Tanzania's FGM safe house for girls in danger of cuttingTwelve-year-old Rosie has to either run away from her family or submit herself to female genital mut [...]

Can knife crime be stopped before it starts?Ros Griffiths, who works with boys at risk of exclusion from school, says knife crime is caused by i [...]

Protesting climate change in PrestonWhat if you’re one of only a few students protesting climate change? [...]

How Japan helps pensioners stay happy and have funJapan is rethinking society for its growing old-age population. [...]

‘People here live in both countries'The children of the peace process in Northern Ireland fear a return to the past due to Brexit [...]

The radical drug trial hoping for a miracle Parkinson's cureTom Isaacs along with 41 other volunteers has taken part in a ground-breaking medical trial to find [...]

'I'm from more cultures than you!'Bilal is Jamaican and South Asian Kenyan, for the first time he has an open conversation with his pa [...]

'I went vegan to hide my eating disorder'Veganism is definitely having a moment, and for Rebecca Hills, 20, it was a way of hiding in plain s [...]

Return of the cat man of AleppoThe cat man of Aleppo had to abandon his sanctuary soon after appearing in a BBC video in 2016. But [...]

If you die early, how will your children remember you?Gaby Eirew has made it her mission to help parents leave precious video memories for children, in ca [...]

The 'caravans of love' visiting Spain's empty villagesFor the men who remain to farm the land in emptying Spanish villages it can be hard to meet women. T [...]

Shauna Davison: 'I might have had her for a bit longer'British teenager Shauna Davison died two weeks after an experimental transplant. Was she the victim [...]

David Lidington: 'I've no wish to take over from the PM'Theresa May's de-facto deputy David Lidington dismisses reports that he could succeed her. [...]

Brexit: People's Vote march to Parliament Square - sped-upNine minutes condensed into just 90 seconds - protesters walk from Park Lane to Parliament Square. [...]

Brexit People's Vote protest: 'Stop Brexit' chants at huge London marchHundreds of thousands of marchers demanded another referendum on the UK’s relationship with the EU. [...]

Rory Stewart MP on 'indicative votes'The Prisons Minister says Parliament should be allowed to express its view. [...]

May's speech 'not a great success'The business secretary tells the BBC "even prime ministers sometimes don't get the tone qu [...]

Guilty Feminist: 'I can't call Theresa May a feminist'Co-creator of the Guilty Feminist podcast gives us her take on feminism. [...]

Brexit: EU leaders agree delayEU leaders have agreed on a plan to delay the Article 50 process, postponing Brexit beyond 29 March. [...]

Brexit: Three moments that raised a smileDonald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker updated reporters at a press conference which had some lighter m [...]

Brexit extension: 'We are at the moment of decision' - MayTheresa May says she will now focus on getting the deal agreed by MPs when she returns to the UK. [...]

Question Time: 'I'm 16 and I won't get a say over Brexit'A 16 year old Question Time audience member says there should be a general election to solve the cur [...]

Commons Speaker John Bercow tells MPs they are not traitorsHouse of Commons Speaker John Bercow tells MPs that they are not traitors and they should do what th [...]

Hunt: No PM 'in living memory' tested like May on BrexitThe foreign secretary suggests the prime minister is under unique pressure over Brexit. [...]

Article 50 author responds to petitionLord Kerr says the revocation of Article 50 "isn't politically doable" without a gene [...]

Jeremy Corbyn has said constructive discussions are taking place.Jeremy Corbyn has said constructive discussions are taking place. [...]

Theresa May: 'I am not prepared to delay Brexit any further'The PM says she will not accept a delay to Brexit beyond 30 June, and urges Parliament to "get [...]

Tusk: Delay conditional on positive Brexit voteThe president of the European Council says it will be possible to delay Brexit, but only if UK MPs b [...]

PMQs: Ed Miliband accuses PM of being a Brexit 'roadblock'The former Labour leader urges Theresa May to back indicative votes to express Parliament's wil [...]

Brexit: 'History will judge Theresa May', says Tory MPTory MP Peter Bone says delaying Brexit would be a betrayal to the UK. [...]

Brexit: Stella Creasy slams head on deskConservative MP Nadhim Zahawi's comments over Brexit causes the Labour MP Stella Creasy's [...]

Nadine Dorries on PM's Brexit dealConservative MP Nadine Dorries says Theresa May's deal "would walk it" if she left of [...]

First and second class stamp prices riseRoyal Mail had to apologise for the rise which broke Ofcom rules, but said the increase was kept to [...]

Asia stocks: Markets sink as global growth jitters spreadInvestors dumped Asian stocks in favour of safer bonds as concerns about the global economy spread. [...]

Ex-Autonomy boss Mike Lynch denies new US chargesNew charges come as Mike Lynch faces a civil case in London over Autonomy's sale to Hewlett-Pac [...]

Invoice scams hit 40% of firms, says reportScams take place when fraudsters trick firms into transferring money by posing as legitimate payees. [...]

What's going on with the UK economy?Employment is soaring but growth is tepid, so what should we make of the state of the UK economy? [...]

Richard Branson calls for new Brexit voteThe Virgin owner says the UK is close to 'disaster', and many leave voters had changed the [...]

The Disney-Fox giant in five chartsWhat Disney's takeover of Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox means for the industry - in ch [...]

Trade war: US-China to resume face-to-face talks next weekThe negotiations have taken longer than some had expected with contradictory comments on progress. [...]

Jet Airways: The riches to rags story of India's oldest private airlineThe airline was once the shining face of Indian aviation, but now it is struggling to survive. [...]

Is this America's most hated family?Purdue Pharma has generated billions for the family that own it from selling controversial painkille [...]

Is Apple about to expand its TV business?With iPhone sales slowing, could the tech giant be about to announce a move into subscription TV? [...]

Global markets fall amid slowdown fearsThe FTSE 100 saw its worst day of trading this year, while US stock markets have also fallen sharply [...]

Sainsbury's and Asda offer to sell supermarkets to mergeThe chains tell the UK competition watchdog they would sell up to 150 supermarkets to be able to mer [...]

Debenhams seeks £200m in new fundsThe struggling department store chain is trying to fend off overtures from Sports Direct's Mike [...]

Social status quiz for civil service job applicantsCivil service chiefs are asking staff how working class they think they are to make recruitment fair [...]

Autonomous shuttle to be tested in New York CityThe self-driving shuttle will be available to workers at a large site in Brooklyn. [...]

Food Crime Unit pledges tougher action on food fraudFrom peanuts in your pesto to mislabelled fish, food fraudsters are now in the spotlight. [...]

'Make people want to try harder'If you have a happy workplace culture, staff will work harder, says beer firm boss Alistair Hargreav [...]

Training Britons to take the jobs EU migrants are leavingThe firms training thousands of unemployed people to take the jobs that EU migrants are leaving behi [...]

Brexit fears boost British tourismUncertainty over Brexit is prompting a surge in bookings for British holidays this year. [...]

Mongolia: A toxic warning to the worldA cities are grappling with air pollution but the small capital of Mongolia is suffering from some o [...]

Climate change: Unlocking the secrets of glacial microbesSurviving in the Arctic's freezing environment has helped glacial microbes develop special powe [...]

Dead whale 'had 40kg of plastic in its stomach'The Cuvier's beaked whale was found in the Philippines, filled with 16 rice sacks and multiple [...]

The Indonesian paradise island drowning in plasticBeaches on the Indonesian island of Sumatra are covered in plastic - and some of it is being dumped [...]

Sinking island in the Sundarbans DeltaThousands of people still live on the Indian island, which has shrunk in size to just 4.5 sq km. [...]

'Super worried' about the planet - in Spain, Kenya, BangladeshYoung people around the world on their fears about the effects of pollution and climate change. [...]

Phones crushed to reveal precious metalsResearchers are blending mobile phones to find out what rare and precious metals are in them. [...]

The photos that made Moon landings possibleFifty years after the Neil Armstrong moment, these pictures show the value of photography to that mi [...]

YouTuber Jack Harries: 'Climate change protests were worth arrest'Jack Harries is to appear in court after taking part in climate change protests. [...]

Bristol project aims to cut plastic waste from takeawaysA project in Bristol is trying to help takeaways solve their plastic container problem. [...]

SpaceX: Dragon capsule splashes down after ISS missionSpaceX's capsule has splashed down after a week-long test mission to the International Space St [...]

Government's worries over backdoors in Huawei’s 5G tech castleOne potential problem with next-gen mobile technology may have more to do with castles than you’d ex [...]

The patch unplugging premature babiesA team at Northwestern University developed a wireless patch that monitors the vitals of premature b [...]

The women too scared of climate change to have childrenThese women from BirthStrike took the decision because they're so scared for the future of life [...]

Northern white rhinos: could science save the sub-species?After the death of the last male northern white rhino, scientists are looking at new ways to revive [...]

Inside the SpaceX Dragon capsule that has docked on the ISSISS astronauts have a look inside the unmanned capsule, which has been designed for commercial trave [...]

SpaceX: Nasa astronaut capsule demo takes to the skiesSpaceX has launched a capsule designed to carry people from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. [...]

Hunting for space rocks in Antarctica60% of the world's meteorites have been found in Antarctica. But what's it like for those [...]

Virgin Galactic: Scots-born pilot rockets into spaceScotsman Dave Mackay piloted Virgin Galactic's rocket plane to 90km above California's Moj [...]

Why is this horse dressed like a zebra?Researchers from the University of Bristol have found a novel way of keeping flies away from horses. [...]